SORTU is a new political instrument of the Abertzale Left. Our political organization has as objective becoming a dynamic reference for the Basque National Liberation Movement and, as such, to act as a motor for the process of national liberation and social transformation of the Basque Country.

SORTU was born as a consequence of a process of reflection that confirmed the necessity of renovation and adaptation to the times of the political and organizational project of the Basque pro-independence left.

One of the tasks of SORTU is uniting and offering strategic and ideological orientation to the whole of the Abertzale Left. A task to which another, not less important, is added: promoting a policy of alliances coherent with the revolutionary, abertzale and left project; and at the same time, coherent with the Democratic Process opened in our country.


SORTU takes as its own the historic strategic objectives of the Abertzale Left. That is to say, the achievement of an independent, socialist, feminist, Basque-speaking Basque Country, established also on the values of internationalism, environmentalism and diversity.

We defend an Independent Basque Country; a sovereign nation conformed by the seven historical Basque territories. We believe that independence is the way to guarantee and bring into practice the right to decide our political, economical, cultural and social model.

We want to build a socialist Basque Country, which guarantees full freedom, the elimination of capitalist and patriarchal exploitation, and protects all rights, individual as well as collective, and dignified living conditions for everyone.

The Basque language (Euskera) and culture are our main signs of identity as a people.
We work for a Basque-speaking Basque Country, in which the Basque language will be the main language of communication among its citizens.

We aspire to achieve the total equality of rights and opportunities between men and women, as well as to overcome the patriarchal system. We believe that for that it is indispensable the changing of the dominant social model. We stand up for a feminist Basque Country.

And we aspire to do all this keeping present the values of internationalism, environmentalism and participative democracy and diversity.


The political intervention of SORTU will have two main points: the resolution of the conflict and national construction and social transformation.

Regarding the conflict that our country lives, SORTU assumes the exclusivity of political means for the defence of our project and expresses a firm commitment with the search for political solutions to the consequences as well as the origin of the conflict.

We consider that dialogue, negotiation and agreement is the path for the resolution of the conflict, having the Basque people as a subject and recipient of a democratic resolution. For that SORTU advocates building a scenario of minimums without violence, deactivating the measures of exception and aggressions of all types.

Sortu's International Department runs a dedicated website about the Resolution Process (It covers general information about the process, Sortu doesn't necessarily support all included the views and information)

SORTU expresses its commitment to the popular will to bring the project of a Basque State to a conclusion.

Together with national liberation, confronting the current capitalist system which condemns millions of people to misery will be another great challenge for SORTU.

To take effective steps to achieve these bigger objectives, the intervention of SORTU will be developed in three main areas: the ideological struggle, the mass struggle and the institutional struggle.

In the institutional struggle Sortu's electoral expressions are:

  • EH BILDU (in municipalities, provincial institutions, Basque And Navarre Parliaments under Spanish rule)
  • Amaiur (in the Spanish parliament and senate)
  • EH BAI (in the part of the Country under French rule)


In the constitutive congress of SORTU, celebrated on February 23rd 2013, half a hundred international delegations took part coming from different points of the planet. Several of these delegations spoke at the congress. Others made themselves present through the messages of support to the new political formation.

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