A force arose from our people,
as in many other parts of the world.
It sought freedom for its Country, for its people.
It was not the fist in the world, or the last, it was not the only one.
The Basque Country was never alone in its struggle.

Your peoples’ struggle for freedom has been an example of generosity and dignity for all of us. You struggles never lacked solidarity with the Basque Country. So today we want to express our sincere gratitude. You do not walk alone. We do not walk alone.
It is time to vindicate the work and the struggle carried out over recent decades by various revolutionary and progressive movements in different parts of the globe. Each one has its own unique characteristics, but they all shared the objective of liberating their countries and their peoples and the desire to contribute to a better world.
The conditions were never easy; and they are not easy now. The criminal development of capitalism which has condemned millions of people to misery, military intervention and permanent political interference by imperialism or unbridled exploitation of natural resources have brought about an extremely dangerous situation. War, hunger, the exploitation of human beings and destruction of the environment are constant, all over the world.
Whether it is in Gaza, Ahmed, Soweto, Managua, Montevideo, Belfast, Medellin, El Aaiun, Ajaccio, Ahuachapan, Bilbo, Guayaquil or any other place on the planet, the political and economic, and social and cultural challenges facing us are enormous. For the establishment of fully democratic political systems, towards a feminist and non-patriarchal society, in order to guarantee the rights of the disadvantaged, to ensure a future and a present for our youth, to recover the national rights of our peoples, to ensure our cultures and languages can survive... We want to place life, the life of our people and of our nations at the very centre of our projects.
Every people, every person, every right.

A force arose from our people,
as in many other parts of the world.
A new time has arrived in the Basque Country.
Together with the peoples and nations represented here today,
we are marching forward, arm in arm, in solidarity and cooperation.
Just like 60 years ago, together with other experiences from around the world,
we are that very force that arose from the people, onward along the road to freedom.

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